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Building the farm



I haven't been able to spend a huge amount of time on the layout recently. As a result I have started many things but haven't completed much. Some projects have been started, scrapped, restarted and stalled! Some simply require more time to complete. I prefer to post when I have something significant to show.


So in order to get away from the nightmare building project, I tackled something easier and altogether more enjoyable. Some low-relief buildings for my farm and a small stable block. I gathered lots of pictures from the internet and integrated my favourite features to bring these rather dilapidated and totally generic farm buildings to life!




All for now,


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22 hours ago, monkeysarefun said:

The hardware on the stable doors looks terrific - what printer do  you use?


I'm flattered you think this is 3D printed. It is, in fact, simply built from Slater's Plasticard and an assortment of styrene strip. Some of the door frames and the "hatch" up top are made from coffee stirrers cut to size. The tiles are strips of card cut to simulate broken tiles with a biro pen used to create the dip between individual tiles. The hinges and bolts are all etched brass from a fret containing an assortment of building details. I forget where that originally came from. 

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