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I said I'd be back to wagons - HOW many ??



That last posting at the end of August saw me starting a few wagons. Since then I've made 4 Dapol 16 Ton minerals, 7 Dapol 'Esso'

35 Ton GLW tanks, 2 Cambrian 'Catfish' Hoppers, 3 Cambrian 'Mermaids' and tidied-up a few others. I just never got around to posting.


Currently I'm having a rest from Wagons !! and working on my 2019 diorama scene. The initial inspiration came from my love of rural

scenery and the Ratio occupational bridge ......

Placing bits out to try and visualize a complete picture on the scrap warped piece of ply.




I had in mind one of those dirt roads that only get used by farmers, and dug out this old Hornby building.




Because I try to make a 'new' diorama each year they have to be quick, with mostly stuff laying around with the resulting negligible cost.




Foolishly I thought it needed water somewhere so at the last moment a pond was excavated !




Under the date stamp you'll see the VERY old trick of using coconut matting as growing corn. Youngsters will be surprised at how tall corn

used to stand, the new short development something from the last 50 years !




Still a few jobs to do, but well on the way, my next postings should show it finished.

This will be on show at the Bridport Clubs January Exhibition with any other entries into our 2019 diorama challenge.



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Another couple of photos from last evening when I'd weathered the bridge.

Almost finished now.






Now to find a horse and cart, somewhere in the loft.




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Probably the last posting in this short Farmhouse diorama thread.

Pond filled, a shepherd with a small flock of sheep and that old horse and cart coming up the track.

There are still a few small jobs to do - reeds at the pond margin, and perhaps an odd bush.




Taking photos with very small digi cameras in poor light, expect rubbish results.

However I do like this one, notice the stroppy sheep looking the sheepdog in the eye !!




Back to wagons now ?



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