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Dave John


I have been sorting out the western end of the layout so the boards have been wheeled out for access. Getting a bit chilly this time of year so pvas do take a while to dry for the scenic stuff.


Anyway, a few pics of that corner. I’m not entirely happy with the brick gable end of the factory. I keep an eye open for something more suitable but as ever its the problem of getting a good square on photo of it.









At least the trains are running again.

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Thanks Ian, that is the sort of thing. I will take a camera next time I am over that way, see if there is an uncluttered bit. 



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Best view, from memory, might be from Battery Park itself. Although there is a wall in the way, from what I can remember, inside the site it was quite cramped. However, that was more than 40 years ago.


Things may have changed since then.





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You've probably considered this, but would it help if the last section of the factory was angled a bit forward, maybe even to the extent of following the line of the wall and track? The downside is that it would need some 3D work. 


Alternatively, is there some other structure (possibly lower) that could help provide a viewblock/3D effect in front of the r/h side of the factory? The issue in my view is that the end looks a bit flat and abrupt, and leads the eye into the corner rather than along the line of rail.  

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Agreed Mikkel, that gable end does seem too angular. I also stretched the photo to fit so that the abutments between the gables are too long, the valley gutters would sit too low as a result. Definitely needs some rework.


The Kelvin valley was used as power for many mills long before the railways and the development of the West end. Most vanished but remnants remain. Indeed, it was very rural until the second half of the nineteenth century.




Something neutral, but in period and tapering down in height towards the boundary wall of the old estate. 




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My thinking too regularity, but I'd have to think of a way of fixing it so it could be removed. Another magnet project probably. 

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