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LNER GE Quint Articulated Set Part 3

Norton Wood




Before I begin I'd like to say that the service provided to me by Isinglass was brilliant, followed by the sheer quality of the kit which arrived on my doorstep yesterday.


What came in the kit


To begin, I began by inspecting all that came with the kit;


  • Sides & Ends 
  • Sole Bar (Underframe) 
  • Roof & Roof Vents 
  • Bogies 
  • Seats & Partition walls 
  • Extras 


In the box, I found 3 little boxes clearly marked as to what coach was - Box 1 containing the Composite and Brake, Box 2 containing the 3 Middle coaches and Box 3 contained all the extras. 


The Build


So to begin the build, I started off with the usual test fitting and filing, this continued for some time until I began fitting all the coaches of the set, followed by this was the test fitting of the seating and partition walls. This concluded the night as this took some time to complete. 






With the coaches put into this state, I put them onto the Layout (Mile End Park) behind my LNER N7 and think what will be in the not too distant future...This evening I took the coaches to the workbench and began the work necessary to prepare them for primer, although there are still brass fittings to be added I thought I'd get a rather nasty job out of the way, that being in the form of the windows, all 148 of them needed the flash removing. Not a particularly fun job I must say but it needed doing none the less. While this was being done I asked my brother to put the seats of the Composite into White primer, sadly we would have completed all the seats however we ran out of white primer. But the seats were completed never the less. 



The next job involved the bogies, this was a job I was worried about, mainly because I received a test bogie created by Issinglass and with my attempt to fit the wheels into one of the slots the bogie shattered!! With this in mind and since then Issinglass has revised the design to include space to fit brass bearings and allowance for fitting the wheels into the bogie, I found fitting them to be very easy and successful. 




As you can see the bogie fits snuggly in-between the two coaches, in addition, the pegs which form part of the articulated segment of the coach. After a bit of time waiting for the primer to dry I took the Coponsite coach seats and began painting them, Red for the 3rd Class and Blue for First Class, following this and allowing that to dry I fitted them into the comp to see how they looked. I have to say I'm rather impressed by the work. 




Finally, I put the Quint together on the layout on their bogies for the first time, behind the LNER N7 7993, so all in all not bad progress from the last two nights I must say!





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