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A Bird for Brent Pt7 - ready for paint

The Fatadder


Another evenings work and the body is ready for paint.


the remaining washout plugs and mud doors were fitted, along with the mud doors and handrails.  The chimney was glued back into position (adding a plastic cap to the leading edge)


the next area in need of attention is the front bogie.  The existing part has a core from thick brass, with frames attached to it with what looks like brass strip.  There are no rivets present, not are the strengthening plates.  To top it all the frames are not fitted square.


Fortunately I have a fairly easy solution, for some reason the Bachmann City of Turo came with a second bogie frame in the box. So this will now be used on the Bird.  My first thought was to use the core from the original model and fit it to the Bachmann frames.  But the incorrect wheelbase is a problem (I’m assuming here that the bogie is a standard size and not different between the City and Bulldog...)

the revised plan is to try drilling new axle holes, or to scratch build a new inner frameDAA667B3-17FC-49BD-AB75-7AA5D40A2D6C.jpeg.3138602b1631af96f7905f19db66a8b1.jpegAAE20557-EB4A-42CC-9208-B53A0ADF1545.jpeg.acee165c9af88106b212b883671834a2.jpeg


Tomorrow will see the loco and tender body’s primed, allowing for rivet details and more primer at the weekend.  


I have been looking again at the chassis, amazingly it has insulated wheels on both sides.  However they have been modified to be live on one side.  I’m looking to see if I can reisolate them...

I don’t want to remove the wheels from the chassis, as I don’t want it unsolder the rods and cranks.... 

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