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The Bachmann Class 90 - Number 3 lands !!



So, a few days after the long awaited DB90s landed, forthcoming DB90 number three followed, once more a Freightliner Powerhaul, but not for long I imagine, well, the DB90 pool of X locos comes in a variety of liveries, and most of the below liveries will feature at Johnson Street IEMD. These being:

DB Cargo (90028 - also seen as 90019 and now 90035 as well)

DB Cargo ex DRS (90034)


DB Schenker (90018)

DB EWS faded (90020 and 90039)

DB was First Scotrail (90021)

DB Malcolm (90024)

DB minus Schenker (90029, 90036 and 90040)

DB Cargo ex EWS (90037)


The top two are the first two, the following group are the ones which may follow 90028 and 90034. My favourites, in no particular order, are 90037, 90024, 90034, 90028, 90018, 90036, 90039 and 90021 - but also like any of the others featured above - and wouldnt ever say no to them at Johnson Street IEMD. So, this begs the question as to 90 No 3 - which is it to be - well a dicky bird has told me that 90036 is dooable - as is 90037 - but well, i really like the seemingly impossible 90024. 


If we apply the process of elimination into the mix, having a DB Cargo 90 means that this box is now ticked, so it doesnt need to be 90019 or 90035, we have 90034 too in ex DRS DB also, so that too is sorted, we could also say that by having one DB red one, the red DBs are temporarily covered so an EWS/ex EWS or the Malcolm one makes the most sense here and now.


28_11_19 - Bachmann 90042 - future DB 90 XXX.jpg

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