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The Last of my 2019 Club Diorama.



Well I suppose you can always add a little touch here and there, but as far as this one goes

it's reached the end. Today I brought in from the shed to add reeds along the back of my pond.

The PVA still wet, but by tomorrow morning it'll be back in the shed until later in December when

it'll be entered into the clubs annual diorama competition.


A bit Photo heavy. Out of interest this 'picture' has cost me just over £5 for the bridge, everything

else was laying around from previous projects, or even club member 'give aways'













Time to think about 2020


Geoff T.

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Very effective. I like how there are interesting views from all sides, including the look under the bridge. The sheep add a  "live" element to it.


Rare to see a challenge entry finished ahead of time :)

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