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A Bird for Brent pt 8 ready for paint

The Fatadder


Not a lot more to report.


first up the bogie has been almost finished, the frame needed to be lowered by about a mm vs the sub frame.  It does still need a tidy up of the inner end of the frames which are not square at the joint between the front frames and the deep part.  

I have now given it a final coat of etch primer to seal in the rivets (as an aside I am very impressed with the Archers product



So the model has gone from this



to this



It’s a shame it’s far too cold to airbrush or I would get it painted.  Of course if it was to be painted black it would be a lot easier as I find I can spray Halfords satin black a lot colder than I can airbrush...

I have found this photo on the internet showing the loco at withdrawal (I think).  So is it green or black?  I suspect the former (but hope for the latter).


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Looks good, I've enjoyed watching this rebuild.  I didn't know that spray cans work better in the cold than airbrushing, I wonder why that is.

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Spray cans benefit from shaking atleast twice as long as they recommend, and lying down for an hour on a warm radiator.  And then another shake...


(warm, not super-hot, your significant other is unlikely to be impressed with a green fan on the end of the radiator and the adjacent wall, even if it is the exact prototypical shade for your specific loco on the precise day in September 1904 that you’re modelling)




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