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A Surprise Present - Great Model Making friends !

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I've always found that the help and support between model makers top most things in this soured modern world.

I had a surprise package arrive at the start of the last week of November. A cyber friend that I've communicated with

since 2008 sent me a kit from his collection as a present citing years of help and encouragement. Not only that, but he's

North East and mostly Blue Diesels ..... shock even post privatization, sometimes !! Being GWR this would never fit his

modelling eras.

GWR, great that's my hunting ground. The kit was the Ratio ex Taff Vale Railway bogie bolster, kit No.562.


This was an old kit, including Plastic Wheel Sets.

Now if you've not made an old Ratio Kit there is a glitch, the kit was made for the longer than standard axles supplied. Yes,

you can and should fit brass bearings, but even that leaves Very loose wheels, unless ......

Note how short the front Hornby set is




The moulded holes were loose for Top-hat bearings so no need to drill out. To space out bearings it would be best to fit fine 2.0 mm

washers under the ridge, but I didn't have any so used superglue on a pin head to help stick the bearings slightly out of their seating.

Just make certain none gets on the axles !!


The other wrinkle was the fitting of couplings. I didn't even try the enclosed parts wanting to use Peco PA34 mounting blocks with

NEM pockets and Bachmann couplings. They can't be fitted without surgery much earlier in the build, but the simple wire loop

works fine when used with wagons that have hooked couplings.




Test running was fine and no problems, although one will have to take care on the alignment of couplings when reversing.

Decalled and weathered it looks fine, runs well - Thanks Dave, a real gentleman




Now I'm trying to find if any of these Taff Vale wagons lasted into early BR times ? Why, simply because I'd like to know !!

It's my railway and I'll run what suits me.




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