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LNER GE Quint Articulated Set Part 4

Norton Wood




Since the last update, it's been mainly lots of little jobs. Nothing too major in terms of project advancement but it's all in aid to finish the project off. 



To start off, with coach No.1 being the 1/3rd Composite (Originally built 1st/2nd Comp) I spent two days painting figures, there are fairly basic figures which you can buy off eBay for £1.50 getting 25 figures in each bag. I bought enough so I have 94 figures in total and to date I have finished 28 figures, fitting 20 into the the comp. The intention is to fit 18-20 figures per coach, showing that the set is full of passenger depicting a typical "crush period" for the  Quints when running. At the time of writing I have 8 finish figures which will go with another 12 set of undercoated figures awaiting there turn for painting, these figures will then move into the No.2 coach.  As per the photo a bit of a production line has begun. 




The next job followed on, getting the rest of the compartment seats into White Primer, following this I painted the seats into Red for 3rd class seating, allowing for time to dry I then painted the partition walls into white. I must say it is really nice to see them all painted, really did bring the inside to life. Further too this I then began a bit of experimentation this involved looking at the LNER Quad Art set at the North Norfolk railway to gain an understanding for how the coaches looked on the inside. 





Next job, sadly this is given away in the top left photo, yes the bogies. I thought it was about time the bogies were painted, this being a fairly easy job, as the brass bearings were already fitted the bogies only required them to be put into primer and painted into black. once fitting the white walled tyres I have to say the Quints are really starting to look the part. It's all these little jobs which do add up when you've spent nearly 3/4 days carrying this work out. 




With that all done, the next job will be to work on the roofs which I will be collecting the correct sized versions at the festival of Railway Modelling at  Peterborough this weekend from Isinglass Models who will also be present at the show. So until next time.



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2 hours ago, Andy Reichert said:

In my experience, rush hour was standing room only west of Wood St. Station.



Yes quite right, I have read that in various books, it would be impractical to model figures sitting and standing, Once the roofs are on you won't be able to see as well inside the coaches so it will not matter so much. But I think they are starting to look the part. 




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