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LNER GE Quint Articulated Set Part 5

Norton Wood




It's been a busy weekend,  but sadly it's all over but thanks to a day off today, various parts of the project have been able to be completed. Bringing myself one step closer to finishing this project to enable me to crack on with the Layout. 


To make this a simple piece, this weekend, I was able to pick up my roofs for the Quints from Isinglass Models at the Peterborough Model Railway Show on top of that I was able to get my hands on some 3/32" Nickle Rod. This rod is only just too big for for the bogies but this varies as I found out as all 6 bogies took to the rod differently , 2 of the 6 bogies did not require filing down to get the rod through, however all the coach connectors required fining out to get the the rod through. Since the photo below was taken all the rods has been cut down to a shorter length so it appears more hidden up when running. The example of that work is on the right. 


Another job to get the coaches ready for testing I needed to fit removable NEM couplings, fortunately I have 2 spare from 2 Hornby J15's so I removed the coupling and glued the pocket onto the underside of the two bogies by Sunday Morning the glue had dried and I was able to place the coupling back into the the pocket so testing could begin. 




The next job was to test them, so I went to my club layout on Sunday, and straight of the bat, the coaches ran fine without any derailments, I took a few video's and have put them onto my You Tube Channel, showing them running on the club layout, Marriott's County at the Whitwell & Reepham Railway. 





Since these videos were taken, a few more pieces have been completed. 


The next few job's carried out today was mainly the fitting of the roof vents, with that the roofs are obviously printed in Resin, but leave a small amount of film and distinct lines on the roof tops which must be removed. Just a bit of sanding down with some sand paper resolved this. 


Following this and turning the roof over there's a clearly marked spine on the underside of the roof, which gives aid to the modeler when looking for the center point, using the the drawings provided as a guide I was able to get markings for the where the vents are supposed to go, using a permanent marker I marked along the spine to guide me so where the drill needed to create the wholes on the roof. After doing this I test fitted the vents only to find that I needed to use the drill on the other side of the roof so the vents would fit through the hole. 






After a few hours work I finished all 5 roofs and got them into white primer. I will look to get the underside of the roofs hand painted into white by this weekend. So currently this completes all the structural work for the coaches, the next phase of the project includes fitting the door locks, handles, under frame gear and finally the stage which is white undercoat before painting. 




So I shall leave you with this photo, and bid you a good evening 





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