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Finney 2251

The Fatadder


Time to finish off another couple of long term residents of the work in progress shelf.  This Finney 2251 was picked up as a body only kit via ebay a few years ago, I also picked up a set of P4 ultrascales (with inside motion) and was hopefully the seller would find the chassis (he didn't).   With a return to P4 steam a long way off, and no evidence of a 2251 through Brent there was nothing to motivate me to get it built.   However now a combination of finding a 2251 at Newton Abbot in September 1947 2212 coupled with a desire to work on another kit has seen it hit the workbench.  


First up a recap of the current status.

The footplate and firebox have been built previously, as have the chassis frames (although this is going to need to be dismantled and rebuilt with OO spacers.  The chassis is from High Level and was being built with CSBs, so rather overkill in OO.  I think my solution will be to solder the hornblocks into position on the front and rear axles. and keep the compensation on the centre.   Speaking of wheels, my intention is to reuse a set of wheels from a Bachmann 2251.  They need to be modified to work with the Finney rods, the plan is to file down the crankpins so they are flush with the boss.  Then bore out the holes to accept a Gibson crankpin bush/crankpin Epoxied into place.    If it works, perfect, if not a set of Markits will be added...


Onto the build.  The original build halted when I had to form the boiler / smokebox and didn't have a set of rolling bars.  Now I have the bars I got on with one of the worst tasks in loco building.  I don't know what I am doing wrong, but when ever I roll a tapered boiler it always seems to be about half a mm too small to go fully around the formers....  


The smokebox will follow tonight, then I can get on with the cab (I have no photos of the loco so I am assuming it still has the plated over windows and wartime black paint.)


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