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Mitchell 73xx

The Fatadder


Another long term unfinished project is this Mitchell 73xx, with the Dapol model imminent I really want to get on and finish it.  The model was built in a complete state (less wheels) from eBay years ago, and the paint finish was never quite up to standard.

The chassis is built to P4 standards, it will be rebuilt back to OO thanks to Andrew @ullypug who sent me some left over OO spacers from his own P4 mogul build.


the loco will be finished as 7313 based on an interesting photo of the loco running with a 4 coach train containing a centenary and an ex LNWR coach 


The plan will be:

Strip the body

Add boiler handrails

fix the forward mud door cover on the LH side (which looks like a miss punched part).

New buffers

And of course rebuild the chassis.


The tender will also need work, needing a new OO sub chassis building (I have a Comet part ready to go).




The results after a night in a bag full of oven cleaner, still a few patches which need to be finished off with the fiberglass pencil, along with a couple of parts to reattach.  Then it will need a new coat of etch primer and will be ready for spraying green (along with the 
Bird in the new year).


The chassis needs a lot more work, the first task is to remove the existing chassis spacers, brake gear etc in order to replace with the narrow spacers.   My thinking is to cut the whole chassis in half with a cutting disk, making it easier to remove the remains of each spacer one at a time.  This should minimise the risk of any damage to the frames themselves. 


There is a lot of lateral slop in the hornblocks, which will need fixing (as with the 2251 I am tending towards soldering the forward bearing into position and keeping the freedom of movement in the middle one.  

I have a Poppy's Woodtech jig coming at Christmas, so any work on the new chassis will have to wait until after the 25th.


with the body work finished, it was given a coat of etch primer and is now ready for paint.  Work one on the chassis will start after Christmas 


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