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Finney 2251 part 3

The Fatadder


Likely to be the final session of work on 2212 for the weekend, taking advantage of my wife being out for the evening.

First on the list was the handrails, as mentioned in my 73xx blog I hate forming handrails.  It is a job that I have forgotten to add on two previous builds (the Manor and Saint) and now have to do post paint!


I started by threading one side’s handrails knobs onto a length of 0.45 nickel silver wire, locating onto the body and soldering into place.  The front handrail was formed (adding the final knob) and fest fitted. 
At this point I realised that I had not rounded the edges of the smokebox front, so the handrail was removed in order to fix this.


Unfortunately when replacing the handrail one of the short knobs fell off, and while refitting pinged across the room.  Of course I haven’t got any short knobs to replace it (they are thankfully included in the Gibson order that was placed on Friday).  I am going to have another look for it this afternoon...  (on the plus side while hunting for it so far I have found two more medium knobs that had previously been lost!)


Other work included adding the reverser housing, top feed and smokebox door, along with soldering the edging around the edge of the cab roof.


Starting to get to the point where there are not many etched bits to fit (but a lot of white metal!) 



One other point on livery, I had always thought it would be wartime black.  However while looking in Russell to confirm the location  of the upper lamp iron, I found a photo of a wartime build 2251 (I think it was 2211 so presumably it was taken shortly before my chosen loco of 2212 was out shopped.  It is clearly finished in green with shirt button logo on the tender.  So this is the state that I will build 2212.
 I am guessing it was at Newton in September 47 for a heavy overhaul given the date of build, when it would have gained cabside windows and GWR on the tender.  My original plan was to use a 2251 on a running in turn ex works, now I think NA shed have grabbed it during a loco shortage before it entered the works.....



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After a very long search (and the start of a much needed workshop tidy) I’ve found the missing handrail knobs and soldered it into place.  Aim for tomorrow: finish soldering the brass bits (just the top feed pipe, reverser, steps and cab seats I think) then start on the castings.  The latter being a bit of a guessing game given there doesn’t appear to be a labels drawing (that you get in a Mitchell kit)

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