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Finney 2251 pt5

The Fatadder


The body for 2213 is now complete!


The fine detailing took a long time, in some cases the Finney kit takes it a little too far in my opinion, however most parts were used on the final loco (there were just a few tiny brackets which were just to much for my ability with a soldering iron).  I think the end result looks an improvement over the Bachmann model, but it will be interesting to see once it is complete.


The buffer housings, steam heat and vacuum pipes, screw reverse leaver, whistles and steps were all soldered into position.  Before gluing the top feed/safety valve cover and a few other small details to the body, along with the brass strip, screw reverser, ATS bell and (working) cab seats were added to the inside of the cab.  A start was then made on tidying up the excess solder.  One final job which still needs to be completed is drilling out the solid lump inside the chimney (then it will be given the usual coat of etch primer)


I have also had a go at the backhead, a real pain of a job given the drawing isn’t too clear and I don’t know what all the parts are.  (Along with a drawing showing the location of the body components, a photo of the white metal parts showing their part numbers would have been hugely helpful.)   





After Christmas attention will turn to making a High Level chassis fit under it.  On my first look it appears to be easier said than done.  The rear of the chassis is too high by about 5mm, while the front spacer (which mounts part of the inside motion) is about 2mm too high (and once reduced in height will be a bit close to the end of the motion for my liking).  I also have to solder something to hold the hornblocks I place.  At the moment I am thinking I will solder the front / rear blocks in place and give the centre axle freedom to move.  But in order to get the frames back into the jig it will need soldering in place before unsoldering the P4 spacers.

I am still in two minds about the wheels, though erring towards buying a new set of Markits rather than my original plan of reusing Bachmann wheels.  Mostly because I don’t want to use 3mm axles.  Instead I think I will use the P4 Ultrascales I originally bought for this loco as temporary wheels on OO frames until I get some new wheels.


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