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A brake wagon, or two.....

Dave John


Happy new year to everyone.


So not one for celebrations and fed up with the dead time twixt Christmas and New year I decided to make something. I looked about and ferreted in various boxes, what did I have at my disposal? One last sheet of 10 thou styrene. An idea formed, a brake wagon. Something that has been sitting in the back of my head for a while. So I dug out the wagon book, scanned and sized the the drawing and re-read the section about them in the book and the CR forum.


Brake wagons were essentially an open wagon with a brake stanchion on it. Their original use was was as a brake vehicle in yards or short trip workings. The one I’m making was built under Drummond but a further 41 were hurriedly converted from old wagons in 1905 when the BOT complained that the CR had been running short trips on the mainline with no brake van at the end of the train.


The drawing is not detailed, more of an outline. However the salient features are that these wagons were just 12 foot long with a 6 foot wheelbase. They were however weighted to 10 tons. They may have been converted from earlier wagons, but no details below the solebar are known, nor has any photo of one turned up. ( If anyone has one, shout ).


Why two ? I designed the bits in the silhouette software, worked out how many of each part was needed and transferred them to a cutting sheet layout. Came to half a sheet of styrene. Click, click click. Nuff said…..


Some parts cut and laminated.




Fiddly to stick together, but coming along.




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Ha, what a gloriously rudimentary solution by the CR. I'm surprised they got away with it so late in the day.


That's a neat solution with the pre-cut apertures in the floor.   

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Thanks Mikkel. 


The hollow floor lets me get some flat brass bar in there for weight and stiffness. 

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