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Infinite Hold on Space Reds

Apologies for skipping last week.    The 26th was my birthday.   I hopped around some hobby/game shops in Chicagoland, then played X-Wing at the local.    Friday got out-of-hand, but that's neither here nor there here, is it?


As of Christmas Eve, I putting the Infinity on hold.    I plan on using some patterned Plastruct sheet to dress-up the bases.   I find myself without a compass or circle-cutter of any nature, though.   Except, may, a brace-&-bit, but that would be excessive.



The lady in green, named a Kuge delegate, didn't come out quite as I intended.   Still, I'm satisfied for now.   She is only an objective marker in the game, anyways.


I turn, then, to a nagging project in the workshop; building more Tau.   Thankfully, these Citadel gaming kits knock together - sort of shake-the-box.   I had the infantry squad built in four sessions;



Done and away for the season.   Next came converting the Ethereal the box comes with into something more useful, a Cadre Fireblade.   Simple job.   I removed a collar, added arms and a head spare from the squad, and mangled the cloak.  Oh well.



In focus just behind him is the next stage of the box; Crisis suits.   They will be a little more involved.   I must add magnets.


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A belated happy birthday. I like the look of the Kuge delegate. Figures sure have developed since tin soldiers!



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"Lead" casting has advanced a lot, even in my lifetime.   The Spaniards seem to have a knack for it, too.   The best I've seen all are from Iberian companies.

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