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i dooooooo not belieeeeeeeeeve it

In the words of the great Richard Wilson



I doooooo not beeeeliieeeeeeeeevvveee it...




For the last few months, I have been trying to explore ways to have my third Bachmann Class 90 re-liveried into my favourite class member, 90024 in its current colours of Malcolm Rail, (for those of you who dont know) the rail Division of Malcolm Logistics, who operate daily freight routes from Mossend to Daventry on the West Coast Mainline - (and a train which runs past my place every day - for anyone who loves the railways as well as models them, one may consider themselves quite fortunate.) Anyway, I had managed to find a way of getting the very colourful side section done in a vinyl form and the result of this vinyl has made its way onto Ebay to which I have acquired one of these, could this be the answer to my problems? possibly... but before I get to explore this any further what should happen... Hornby's 2020 range happens ... and this comes along...




Quite unbelievable (not in a bad way as such - having just seen the Collectors Club Bachmann 90 that has been released in the last week or so) that this should happen, having got rid of my half dozen or so Hornby DB/EWS 90's, most of which had been retro DCC'd, several of which were professionally re-liveried, and would have looked really good with Hornby's latest offering in DB Cargo form, do i regret changing from Hornby to Bachmann? no... of course not, its just a shame that the Hornby 90 hasn't moved with the times in the same way that, for example, the 87 has, a good effort by Hornby, and also the Class 60, which Hornby has done a pretty good job with.


From initial glances, reasonable effort Hornby, I'm looking forward to seeing this in the flesh. albeit, its not perfect, the real example has the red stripe running down the side from the front sides to the back sides and I dare say that there may be other cosmetic imperfections, hopefully, Bachmann can follow suit and soon with a sharper version with the correct detailing etc.


[email protected]

90024 - MalcolmClass90 - 2.jpg

90024 - MalcolmClass90 - 1.jpg

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Hi Kat,


Great to see all the class 90s. As an N gauge modeler I am very jelous of all the OO options that have hit the shelves in the last year or so. 


Keep up the good work.


All the best,


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Hi Dave,


Thank you for your message, I was beginning to think did anyone actually see the ramblings of an electric traction enthusiast? but fortunately it would appear that they do... yes, its a bit strange, Bachmann have launched four new Class 90s yet none are suitable for my genre, Hornby launch my dream class 90 after i had only just got rid of all of my Hornby Class 90s. Am i a bit miffed? you bet i am... bear in mind that at one point, i had:


90017 EWS

90019 DB Cargo

90020 EWS

90021 First Scotrail

90023 EWS

90026 EWS

90028 EWS

90029 DB Schenker

90034 DB ex DRS

90035 EWS

90036 DB Schenker

90037 DB ex EWS

90040 DB Schenker


All of the above, in Hornby form, one or two DCC fitted, but several pro repaints. one with working lights, one with DCC sound - ultimately, not consistent in their appearance livery application or functionality, something the Bachmann Class 90 has changed, all have working lights, detail features, sound ready, 21 pin DCC, digitally operational, livery detail far greater and more accurate.


Here and now, i'm really looking forward to an EWS/DB era 90, it doesn't matter whether it's EWS maroon or DB red, either form can work for a renumbering, EWS livery would suit 90020, 90023, 90030, 90037 (ex EWS DB) or 90039 in their to-date guise - on the other hand DB red would work for 90018 DB Schenker, 90019, 90028 or 90035 in the newest DB Cargo livery or 90029, 90036 or 90040 in what I have come to term ''DB minus Schenker'' - this livery is the first of the red liveries, different to 90018 only by not having Schenker branding on the sides, the DB logos are small and roughly central on the sides.


I hadn't really entertained ever seeing a Malcolm Rail liveried Hornby Class 90 but it would have fitted in perfectly with the above locos. 


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