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More Ruston 48DS weathering



Another one for my new scrapyard micro layout. I wanted to try and repllicate something of the effects on the loco in the prototype photo in my previous Ruston weathering blog entry, with faded paint and overall dirt.



The buffer beams were painted in parts with an orangey-red to represent patch painting of red oxide. The entire body was given a wash of the ink that I mentioned last time and this was given a couple more washes over the fuel tank. The RUSTON plate on the front is etched nickel silver, from Judith Edge kits.



The roof and wheels were painted using Phoenix Precision Highland Railway Green (1875). Tamiya acrylic 'Cockpit Green' was dry-brushed over the various panels in an attempt to represent faded paint.



Small areas of paintwork were gouged using a file and Humbrol 'Hull Red' used to fill in over the bare metal and plastic, before Mig 'Old Rust' pigment was carefully brushed on.

The small oil drum was made using a length of chopstick, covered with a computer-printed paper Shell lubricants label. A piece of 1mm plastic rod was glued on as the filler and a sliver of paper as the handle. What would be bare metal was painted in Tamiya Alumnium and ink run around the filler and on to the locomotive running plate. The coupling hooks and links are all self-made from brass sheet, brass wire, and iron wire.

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