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Bachmann 37 respray 37230 Transrail

The Fatadder


While 37403 is not yet finished, its time to move on to part 2 of my Class 37 refresh, respraying what was a BR Blue Bachmann 37/0 into Transrail Dutch (with a bit of 1990s updating into the mix)


The first job was to strip down the model, removing the windows (which was a very tough job with a lot of glue to break) and separating the ends from the body.   With the ends separated from the body the first job was to add a Replica high intensity headlight, drilling a hole through the end before gluing into place.  On the inside a box of 60 thou plasticard around the edges of the hole for the headlight.  A spare set of 37/4 lighting boards was fitted (giving the LED for the high intensity, before adding the upper brackets and adding a coat of yellow paint.  While the ends were off the body, I took advantage to simplify the weathering using the wipe on / wipe off technique.





On to the rest of the body, the model had already been fitted with Extreme Etchings roof and frost grills (the latter was removed, re painted and refitted after painting).  The model was sprayed with Vallejo Chrome Yellow and Plastikote light grey 




The next job was to paint the black areas on the bonnet doors / cab windows / cab doors (brush painted with Vallejo black), before masking and painting the bodyside with Vallejo grey black.



This was followed by a coat of gloss varnish before applying the OHLE cantrail line (Hurst) and Fox transfers for the Transrail logos / numbers.  The Transrail logos were a real pain, the lower stripes broke away from the circle and it was tricky aligning the 3 layers without moving the lower layer.  I also found it very hard to align the circles, I am pretty sure I have the lower stripes in the right place but the top of the T is slightly too high (it should be on the joint between grey and yellow.)



This was then followed with a coat of Testors Dullcoat to get rid of the gloss and get ready for weathering.  There are a couple of areas where the grey black on the grills has overpainted the edge, but I am not too worried as they are in areas where the weathering will concentrate.1678D1D3-CFB2-4FC0-8F26-BF7534769486.jpeg.49eed599777bc4db4ece13cab13deba8.jpeg49824734-D7B6-4D5D-88FA-ED1094349306.jpeg.f7aea8b4216a733a3e9fef29c1acb986.jpeg


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