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Servos - Not Yet.




Servo Point Motors, yet another Snitzl Failure.


Here's my short interlude with servos as point motors.


Found a simple circuit on the internet and did a little research on servos and within days  I was able to flick a switch and watch a servo move from one position to another, and whats more, the positions were adjustable. I know that there are control circuits available  commercially, but I had to do this myself, using analog as apposed to digital. Re-wired what was necessary on the control panel and baseboard, made 10 servo circuits, installed them and initially everything worked perfect with super silence.


Next ,turn up the controller and as soon as a loco moves, servos dancing / twitch. Put the relco unit on and all hell breaks loose, so its probably an interference thingymebob.


If anyone has any suggestions as to what the causes might be, then please comment, it may help others that wish to go down this route, for me, I'll leave it a while.


The illustrations below show construction for a servo bracket, the electronics and wiring.





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