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Small Station Building.




 Kimberley - Small Timber Station Building.


Built for Ilkeston Woodside MRC's 00 / 4mm layout of Kimberley ( G.N.R. / L.N.E.R. / Midland Railway ).


Here are a few illustrations following the construction of this part timber station building. The original building was constructed by the Great Northern Railway in 1876 and early photographs  show wood panels down to ground level, later pics show bricks had replaced the timber from below  the windows. Construction of the model involved accurate marking and cutting of mainly 0.5mm  styrene sheet with the aid of a rule and digital vernier. The timber front panel is a little out  of square, which I blame on an engineers square bought at a car boot sale. The error was only noticed when window and timber layers were glued together and I decided to live with it. Area's of construction that lack detail are covered comprehensively in other blogs and this will be the  format for future blogs. I must point out that my blogs are a record for myself of how I have created models for kimberley or Snitzl and its a added bonus when other modellers find them of interest.





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