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Servo Mod Point Motor




Servo Mod Point Motor.


Following on from my previous episode with radio controlled servos as point motors, it did eventually dawn on me that there might be a way of using servo's without the electronic drive and sensing circuitry. A stripped down servo is made up of three main components :-  


5volt dc motor.  

Precision spur gear box.
Small PCB with electronics and sensor.


By discarding the electronics and sensor, it should then be possible to utilise both the motor and gearbox in a point motor design.


Why use a Servo ?.

Servo's have been around in Radio Control for a long time and there are plenty of 2nd hand on ebay.  The motors come in 3 pole, 5 pole, 7 pole and coreless with spur gears in metal or plastic that are precise with next to / or zero backlash. Gearbox and motor are fully enclosed with very little noise in operation and they come in different sizes.





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