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Warehouses - Three of a Kind.




Warehouses - Three of a kind.


Warehouses - Three of a kind, has taken over 500 hours to model with an end result that  recurs time and time again for me. It seems strange that some buildings modelled look perfectly fine on the workbench, but when placed in situ on the layout, they don't seem to belong.


Again, inspiration for the warehouses was taken from photographs of Tregarrick MKIV by  Iain Rice in Model Railway Constructor - May 1980 and Model Railways - January, February 1981.


The Warehouses are presented in the usual snitzl step by step pictorial approach which is  very handy for me when making three almost identical buildings. Two of the buildings are  based upon Iain's originals whilst the third is a variation with a tower.


Most area's of construction are covered in this blog but some parts that lack detail  are covered comprehensively in other blogs.





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