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Lineside Odds and Sods.




Lineside Odds and Sods


Here we have a collection of small modelling projects that have kept me busy for the past few  weeks. Most of these projects were inspired by a series of articles found in Model Railways  Magazine by Nelson Twells, Roy Anderson and Gregory Fox.


Included are :

LMS Lamp Hut - February 1977.

LMS Mileposts - March 1977.

LMS/BR Concrete Lineside Bin - April 1977.

LMS Sandbox - May 1977.

LMS Sidings Gates - October 1977.




LMSR Time-table and Poster Boards - November 1970 - Model Railway Constructor
- V.R.Anderson and of unknown origin : buffer stops and loading gauge.



  • Craftsmanship/clever 1


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