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Market Stall Wagons - Part 1.




 Modelling the Market Stall wagons for Fun Town.


Searching the web for market stalls that actually ran on tracks and existed in our historic  past proved fruitless, I've no doubt that when this blog get's published on rmweb, dozens  of examples will turn up, if so, they might inspire further models. The type of market stall required for Fun Town did exist as a road type vehicle and was available in model form as a  plastic kit by Wills, therefore the Will's model was used as a dimensional starting point. Although the model from Wills is based on a prototype of timber construction, the model presented here is all metal. Raw materials for the stalls included 10thou brass sheet, brass  tube, brass wire, steel for the wheels, aluminium foil for the canopy and a little solder. During construction of the stall's, a few other possible projects sprung to mind, perhaps a stall replenish vehicle, steam tram for the customers and market stall holder's during a market stall relogation.


What is Fun Town ? : Fun Town is a  small table top module that can be used alone or form part  of a larger unit, it fit's like a jigsaw piece to the Walls Traverser Cover to create a small 36" x 18" layout over the top of Snitzl Town's traverser.


Done so far : Overhead Tram, Jules Verne's Flying Ship, Steam operated Traverser and Market  Stall Wagons.


Still to do : Steam Tram, Market Stall Engine with DCC uncoupler, Stall Replenish Wagon,  Animated Figues, Hot Air Balloon, Interior racking & goods for the Warehouse and anything  else that may be appropriate, in other words, a bit of fun.



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