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Some time later....




So after a bit of a gap, some progress to report. My ho scale Australian project is currently on hold as I grapple with the bits I'm not so good at (scenics, buildings). 

Meantime I have been clearing out some of the old Hornby/Lima which has been cluttering up my folks loft for the last 20 years or so, and seeing what (if anything) i can do with it.

First up is one of the omnipresent Hornby TTA wagons. This was the red Texaco version, but is now in BP colours, inspired by the Lairg tanker trains  and quite a few posts on here. Quite pleased with how this has turned out, but probably not one for the rivet counters....

Planning on doing a couple more, so any comments and suggestions welcome.




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A substantial improvement can be made by fitting replacement etched walkways/ladders. AI Models used to do them - I suspect someone like Shawplan might also. Brass Oleo buffers are a useful upgrade as well 

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Thanks for this, I will have a look on the web to see what I can find.

Incidentally I'm still trying to work out when and why the BP logos were removed from the TTA's used on the Lairg and Fort William trains. Does anyone know?

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