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Moving On

Last of the Tau is done.


These are just a little less knock together than the troops, but still no real effort.   Mostly options slowing it down.   Each one has both arms and the left shoulder fitted with a rare-earth magnet for swappable weapons.


Built a one-off model for an upcoming army.


Named model, Sister Novena or something like that.    No special rules, though.   Just sort of a showcase model.   When I get to paint, I'm thinking of messing with object lighting.   That will be different.


More slow days at work meant more snap kits of giant robots.   First, an accessory pack;



Recognize the dude?   I built him last month.   I finally picked up the weapon pack;  Foul play on Bandai's part, selling the weapons separate.   Still, now it's finished.


Finally, a Goof.



Gouf Custom, actually.   Wrist-mounted whip, and that monstrosity of a shield.   Shield even stores a sword.   There's a wrist-mounted machine gun under that, too.  


I have some 28mm WWII Commandos that I have started, too.   I forgot to take a picture, but there's not much done yet.    We'll see where I am next week.

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