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Friday fish...



The fish platform (which includes all fresh produce) at Swan Hill


Fish platform at Swan Hill: it sits on a bridge over a road junction beneath, so timber built.  A second timber built platform is under construction:  same set of details based on a timber platform at Methyr Tydfil but slightly different dimensions to the fish platform as it's passenger, not goods, so a nominal 3' 0" over the rails rather than a couple of inches higher for goods.194404.jpg.4325e36cbf285cf598f8a6277b60cf4b.jpg

Fish platform upsidedown on the bench194147.jpg.15009e8032fdcf469767b69457d44e4a.jpg

..and right way up on the bench.134951.jpg.e313227f746bc08a3c081f486f965949.jpg

Framing up second timber platform - all jellutong bought in in large sections 80 x 125 and milled down to size, first on a largish saw bench, then on a Proxxon small bench saw to final size.140208.jpg.8c7b5c2893bff177d341af9df66aef3c.jpg

Detail view

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Excellent model and an attractive prototype. Timber platforms just add that little bit of extra atmosphere.

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Mikkel - yes, timber platforms are an attractve platform option and I've noticed that they pop up where it appears to be necessary to reduce weight, often where the railway is carried on bridge beams where they reflect the shape and orientation of the roadway, canal or whatever beneath - which is the situation at Swan Hill.  There was a timber platform at Uxbridge Vine Street which encouraged me to look at timber as an option for 1920s Swan Hill, so there is the fish platform on one side of the terminus and will be (w-i-p) a passenger/goods platform on the other side as well.  It's just as well I'm not in a hurry, I haven't counted the number of joists to be cut and fitted but it seems to be a lot!


Friday fish was doubly appropriate as I also spent part of the day making fish plates for the rail joints which didn't seem to have any (other than etched ones required for electrical continuity).  The fish plate photos showed barely anything so I didn't post them but a photo is included below but, like missing rail chairs, the fish plates are more prominent by their absence so not much to see!

Kit PW


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