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Bristol Barrow Road - Saskatchewan a fourth Jubilee




Another Jubilee is now allocated to Bristol Barrow Road having just completed another P4 conversion of a Bachmann RTR model.

Saskatchewan - 45561- is the latest added to 45577 Bengal and 45662 Kempenfelt which I have converted in addition to Patriot 45506 as shown in my last post.

The other Jubilee 45572 Eire is on loan from David Clarke.








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You're knocking them out like shelling peas! Shouldn't take too long to do the other 186.

Seriously, the re-wheeling RTR route appears to be the solution to populating the layout. The track on Barrow Road is obviously smooth enough not to need working suspension on locos, despite the scale flanges.

Are you planning the same approach for Black 5's? I presume they were also a mainstay of the services past the shed? I believe the Hornby model to be very good, subject to a couple of bodywork improvements round the front end.


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One of my lasting memories from them good old days, was at Temple Meads, watching  DH Jubs  leaving for (?) . Would have been 1963 when I was doing a Rail Rover from Plymouth (think it was that trip) and also included my one and only visits to Barrow Road and St Phillip's Marsh, both sheds being wonderlands for us Devon boys back then. Didn't get that long at BR before the "Oi, get out you ########" shout, but had free run of SPM, wandering for ages. Didn't bother with Bath Road due to its' 'reputation'   

Love these loco's; love this project.


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Don't remember that many clean Jubilees on Barrow Road! Good to see the loco allocation expanding.



PS Back from hols.

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Robin, excellent work, I wish I was as quick doing the conversion. 45611 Hong Kong is still not finished! Looking forward to seeing them all running.

How many more Jubilees are you planning?



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Hi Chaps,


Dave - I have one converted Hornby Black 5 which is up and running which I'll show you next week.

John - Glad to hear you're back in one piece - you didn't fall off the bike then?  I don't remember the Jubilees that clean either although the cleaners did keep their allocation cleaner than most other sheds. I have a lot of weathering of my locos to do when the weather warms up!!

David - I have another 4 or 5 in stock. However further modifications are on hold at present as Colin of AG Workshop still hasn't produced my wheels!!!????

Phil, glad you like the project. The best way to avoid the shed foreman was to climb over the wall at the back in Days Road. In 64 they even greased the top of the wall as a deterrent and when that failed they added a 2 foot wire fence. Still didn't stop us:-)

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14 hours ago, barrowroad said:


John - Glad to hear you're back in one piece - you didn't fall off the bike then? 


Only once but it was pretty spectacular. No broken bones but a few cuts and bruises. All part of the fun!

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All my conversions of the Jubilees and the Patriots use Alan Gibson wheels - the 3mm axle conversion version for the drivers.  I reuse the coupling rods. Crankpins front and rear drivers are Markits 10BA ones - the more expensive version. I drill and tap the wheels to take these.  The centre crank is again Markits - there is a photo on one of my other blog entries - these are expensive at £9.50 a pair - especially as I only use the pin from this. This is the only semi difficult bit as it requires a bit of filing back and a slot cut across the top to accept the original Bachmann crank. I like doing it this way as I can reuse the coupling and motion. The front and rear of the coupling rods require re-bushing with Alan Gibson bushes.

Part of the underside of the lower cab - the inside edge needs some metal removed to give clearance in P4.

The tenders both Stanier or Fowler have Dave Franks chassis conversions.


Are you considering doing one?


Hope this helps.



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