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37057 part 2

The Fatadder


Work is progressing on 37057


First up a set of Hornby Class 60 style buffers have been found in the scrap box and installed on the damaged chassis, this has now been put aside ready for buffer beam detailing (along with the installation of a Dingham coupling).  The chassis will be staying in OO for the moment at least, pending the ongoing debate as to what will be used for the next layout….


Attention then moved on to the body, first using IPA to strip off the printed Railfreight Coal Sector markings (which were a lot more difficult than the RFD logos were to remove from the other body.  The joint between the light and dark grey was sanded back with fine emery paper ready for priming.  It was then time to start work on the roof, cutting away the rim around the edge of the roof grill ready for the Extreme Etchings grill (which will not be fitted until it is ready for painting to protect the fine mesh.)  The air horns were carefully removed and put to one side to reuse on another 37 respray (which had lost its horns).  The final job was to start on the no2 end detail, the NRN radio pod was a Hurst models etch from the scrap box.  For the actual radio panel the plan is to use a Hornby part removed from a Hornby 50 (if I can work out where I put it).   Otherwise I have an etched baseplate on my Class 67 sheet & a plasticard ribbed panel above it).   The final job was adding the riveted strips across the roof, I found the perfect material in a riveted strip from a scrapped Mitchell 45xx kit cut into lengths.  Typically I could only find one of the two lengths, and need 10mm of the other to finish the job.  I then need to find a solution for the ends of the panel which should also have a riveted strip (though this will be trickier to add given the closeness to other raised detail).  The centre box roof has a welded L section around the forward / rear edge of the panel.  The split box roof still has an L shape (with a slightly wider foot), current thinking is to add a sliver of 20thou by 10thou plasticard either side of the foot of the L & add Archers rivets.




The final area of work was to fill in the recesses from the cab roof air horns, before relocating the cab roof vent into the split box position.  



There was also time for a little work on what will become either 37671 or more likely 37674, removing all name plates, numbers etc from the bodyshell and filling the hole left from the ETH sockets in the ends.  It needs a small paint touch up (do Vallejo make a good match for Railfreight light grey?) and then will be ready for some gloss varnish before I start on the transfers.   Unfortunately while removing the weathering I also lost part of the orange cantrail line, so this will need replacing (and unlike my last class 37 project hopefully will remain in place this time! 



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That's a handy photo. Realised I'd missed a couple of details off the roof of my 37...... 

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