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Shopping, if that’s the word for it...



Dropped into Morrison’s on the way home from work the other night, an educational experience.....


If you’d ever wondered who watches the Jeremy Kyle show, go to Morrison’s! It was an education... whole aisles completely stripped, with unkempt and occasionally, downright ragged people wandering the aisles like some sort of zombie plague. Curiously enough, white trainers seemed to be ubiquitous.. tinned fish doesn’t seem to be in vogue with the current panic-buyers. Unintelligible conversations on smartphones all around, sometimes muted, some strident. 


Interestingly, the two behind me at the checkout were discussing the likelihood of much of the bulk-buying appearing at car boot sales imminently. Neither seemed to consider it unlikely. I suppose toilet rolls would be a classic commodity for this sort of thing. 


Tescos this morning was a different case of beans. Fairly normal if much muted, attendance low. No obvious major shortages apart from a complete aisle of bare pallets, under a sign “toilet rolls” and a similar arrangement where you might otherwise find soap, hand cleaner etc. 


It’s all depressingly familiar, after fifteen years or so travelling the FSU where most things are in short supply, most of the time, and orchestrated fear-mongering in the media, so common as to attract no particular attention. 



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