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The size of the layout means that scenery is at a minimum. I do however want some different levels in the ground, raised behind the station building with a slope down to the yard, raised behind the yard and raised more to the right where the trains disappears back stage.


I have used two approaches. The raised areas behind the yard are so small that they do not warrant traditional methods like mod-roc. Instead I have built them up using DAS modelling clay, glued down with PVA.




The raised area behind the station is just stiff card supported by stiff card battens (like for the platforms) with a sloping spur down to the yard. The steeper slopes are in-filled using the DAS clay approach. I have also included a muddy patch with a puddle at the bottom of the slope using an attempt at the Gordon Gravett method using a microscope slide (painted a suitably muddy colour on the underside) for the puddle water.




All is then painted with emulsion and then grassed using the excellent Green Scene Flockit. The yard areas have also been further treated using pastels but this is only a basic start.


More to be done on the interface to the back-scene plus more on trees, bushes etc. The modern house in the back-scene will be hidden!

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