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Day 3: Wagon liveries



Just some wagon painting and transfers this time, on a couple of kits that I've had lying around for a while. The paint is Halfords Ford Polar Grey, and don't tell anyone this, but I've cheated with the ironwork and coloured it in with a Sharpie. I'm still trying to work out a final 'Kent Coal' livery, hence why all the wagons are a little bit different! Hopefully for tomorrow, I'll have the wagons fully painted and the rest of the transfers done.





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I like the Sharpie idea. What removes Sharpie? You could tidy up the edges by running a brush of whatever along the side of the ironwork. It's easier to pain neatly up to the ironwork than paint neatly along the raised surface.

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That's a good point, hadn't thought of re-touching the grey. I neatened up the edges by very gently scraping them with a pointed needle file, I don't know of any substances that will remove sharpie ink,

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I use a Posca pen for this rather than a Sharpie. With that pen, it's very easy to neatly paint the top of ironwork. This can be important when colouring internal ironwork as I find it hard to invisibly touch up flaws in the painted wood.


Posca pens are very cheap and available on-line (if the supplier is trading during the crisis).

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