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Stour Valley Dream - entrance awning

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Fen End Pit


The road side of the station building at Clare has a glass awning over the entrance door. Looking at the pictures this had a timber frame under the glass and a thin leaded layer on 3 sides of each pane only on the top. The main glazing bars were cut in 1mm MDF and drawn at 1mm wide but probably cut down to about .8mm. The top layer was in thin card and was extremely fragile when it came off the laser cutter.


In this picture I have just positioned the awning, the brackets, which were also laser cut were super-glued to the brickwork. This side of the building faces away from the viewer and is only 5 inches from the back of the layout so it is going to be very difficult to get this view when the building is planted.




The only really annoying mistake was that I dropped the roof and broke one of the gutters. I have applied filler to make a repair but I'm really cross with myself for creating a mess I need to fix.




I need to make a couple of notice boards (and posters) and get down to working on the down-pipes.


Keep safe folks...





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A nice piece of canopy work. Very difficult to get things looking right.

I enclose a picture of my canopy made for my Bakewell layout. I used glue and glaze glue made by Deluxe materials which was strong and dried clear.  See my blog



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I managed to fix the broken guttering and reseat the building in its location. You can still (just) get a camera into a position to take a photograph.





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