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I've been a busy little shut-in this week.


Yes, we have had a 'shelter-in-place' order in Illinois, as well.


Either way, I've built the 'City Bike' set.   These things were little heaps.   Nothing lined up or fit.   The white bike, which is a Honda Tact, was to have a saddle-bag assembly.   I couldn't make heads-or-tails of it.   I didn't have directions in the box, nor were such forthcoming online.



I forget which of the two leftmost scooters is the Suzuki, & which is the Yamaha, but left-to-right starting at the middle is a Honda Tact, Piaggio Vespa 200, & a Piaggio Vespa 50.   The Vespa 50 is by Tamiya, and was a pleasant bonus in the box.   Much nicer kit.


I finished the centaur I was working on some months back;


The pastel method I had researched to paint a Palomino came out much starker than I wanted.   I toned it down with a filter of green ochre.   I think it turned out well.   I'm actually proud of this one.   The base was a presculpted item, with a simple paint job.


I've also made progress with another Dungeons & Dragons mini;


This is to represent a current character I have.   Problem is, he is to be some odd fantasy race.   I don't know how to paint 'gold' skin.    I'll figure something out.

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don't know how to paint 'gold' skin.

Maybe you could ask your President!

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I said gold, not dreamsicle!

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