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LNER 1935 -38 Exhibition Layout Mile End Park Part 6

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Norton Wood


I have once again been able to spend time working on the layout, progress has been fairly constant. I must admit after the last update I wasn't sure what else to do on the layout before I wait for the new Peco Bullhead Double Slip, but I was given a few pointers before hand, and have made some excellent progress. 


Track work 


Since the last update, I had the track down but because of the fiddly nature of the Bullhead rail I needed to get the track glued in and kept in place so I could do more tasks. In this case I spent a full day working on keeping the track straight and in gauge. However it has turned out better than expected and watching the locomotives and wagons running up & down the layout I cannot see any nooks where the track curves away from anything but being straight. I began with drilling the holes for the point motors, followed by gluing the point and the extension leading into the tunnel in place. Of course this was a repeating process. The only other little job was to put the plastic isolating fish-plates in ( ?? Isolated track in Isolation??). 


Which resulted in all the track on the Up line (Leading into the tunnel from P1) with the exception of the point leading off the double slip running into P1. Plus all the track on the down line leading into the double slip is now down. I have also soldered the power to the layout so now I do not have the horrid connection under the sleepers with the likelihood of the wires coming out from under the track when I am conducting work.




The next step was to weather the track using a rust type paint, of course I looked into a number of paint types, but felt that Humbrol's 113 Rust was the best colour for the job, which has added to the look of the layout as a whole. So far I have only painted the track glued down, but to make my job a little easier I will be painting the track which hasn't been glued in yet. Particularly the points which were rather difficult when trying to paint the track in place. After that the track was cleaned, a much harder job now as I have to try and not clean the check Rails on the point work, however cleaning the grime off the track has left some residue on the side of the line which looking at track from the 1930's and even now there are little pieces of grime laying about so it's working well for the betterment of the scene. 








The Fish train is now completed, using nothing but the Parkside LNER, 12ft, 10 ton, Dia.134, Fish Van's I feel I have captured the look of a typical Eastern freight working which would have likely been seen on the LNER entering and leaving the Capital. 


Further additions include this Chivers LNER Loco coal wagon, which from my experience with Chivers kits has been that they are easy to put together and very high quality models. Just a shame that there's not the large amount of them around and readily available anymore. 




Apart from the major steps on the track work and rolling stock front nothing much has happened, I am waiting on a bulk order of paint and other smaller items to finish off further jobs which I will report on, in the next part. Although I do plan to put a video up on You Tube of trains running on the layout for a bit of entertainment. 



Thanks for reading 



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8 minutes ago, Fen End Pit said:

Nice grubby J15 you've got there.



Thank you, I have 3 which are all very grubby, you can expect more grubby :)


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