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Improving the Oxford Rail Toad

The Fatadder


Taking a break from my 1990s resprays, I have been cracking on with a long overdue project for a couple of brake vans. For Brent I have currently got 5 toads at various stages of completeness, 2 of the Hornby AA15 model which have been repainted along with new location branding & a weathered roof. A Bachmann AA19 which has had all of the bodyside handrails removed pending replacement with wire (using the MRD brackets), this one is approaching the top of the to do pile. Finally a pair from Oxford Rail (one AA1 and one AA3) which were last nights project.


Now these are not the best models in the world, in fact the list of errors is pretty long. However with some work they do scrub up ok.

The plan:

Plate over front end / add Archers rivet detail & new lamp iron. This was added from 10thou plasticard cut to size before gluing in place.

Plate over lower 3 planks of rear end (along with adding rivet detail)

Modify the ends > removing the fictional window and replacing with a wooden drop panel cut from an old Triang conflat

One has had the original 2 piece windows replaced with the one piece design (but I didn’t correct the size on the rebuilt version due to difficulties matching up with the frame

Door to van, for some reason Oxford added another error on the door missing off the top 2 ½ planks (it almost looks like they added another fictional window)

Repaint in GWR wagon grey (the colour the model comes in is almost LMS grey)

Add transfers (HMRS for wagon number and G W logos, Railtec custom order for the locations (Bristol (West Depot) for the AA1 and Kingsbridge for the AA3. I couldn’t find a photo of a Bristol West Depot branded toad, so hopefully I have got the transfers right. The Kingsbridge transfer was a little too wide to fit (but the prototype clearly was fitted within a single panel). It looks like some (all?) of the letters were compressed, so I have followed the same route with the B, D and E.








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