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Smoke me a kipper....



Well, I enjoyed Red Dwarf last night. Good, formulaic knock-about stuff from the show that once included Blade Runner and Coronation Street pastiches in a single episode... the “erase your memory” set-up was pure old-school double-act, the usual silly sight gags and “Crossroads”- quality sets, the general Steptoe and Son IN SPACE! script... Holly's return, and the sort-of reprise of Ace Rimmer. I almost  felt sorry for Rimmer, but then I didn’t in a neat bait-and-switch. The “Boys from The Dwarf” ending wrapped it up neatly. 


I hope they knock it on the head now, though. 

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Not seen it yet, saw it advertised so all set up at 8:55 last night to watch it, first time I have put the TV on in weeks and the wife goes I am not watching that cr*p!!


What followed was ten minutes of frantic resetting and retuning the TV box as it had frozen so I could record Red Dwarf and then ended up watching Groundhog day for the umpteenth time as she had not seen that.


The wife dislikes TV but oddly whenever I actually switch it on to watch something she wants to watch a film on Netflix and then moans when there is nothing she likes.

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I too thought it was surprisingly good. The first time you saw the spaceship 'catflap' was just the kind of excellent visual gag that you wanted from Red Dwarf.


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