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Bristol Barrow Road - Ambulance & Mutual Improvement Hut 2




I've been a bit busy on DIY this past week decorating the bathroom - my regime has been decorating in the morning modelling in the afternoon.
Remembering I promised some photos of the Shed in situ here are a few.
Keep safe,



















Repainted the darker patch on the door wall as the photo shows it up as too dark.





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Very nice Robin, must be nearly time to do some ballasting/surfacing! Is that a dodgy bit of alignment coming up to the inspection pit or is it just a cruel camera angle? Now ducking for cover.


Stay safe,



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It's a bit of both John. I have one of my colour tags by the joint as there is a step up in the track onto the ash pit. Needs sorting.

I've just finished another building - a prefabricated concrete shed near the ash plant. I'll post something in the next few days.


Stay safe



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The huts look very good in situ, Robin.

Rather like John, the photos caused me the think about ballasting and general ground cover in a shed area. Have you any ideas of how to represent these aspects?


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Dave, I've given some thought about ballasting the layout but haven't decided what method to use. I need to experiment. A lot of the shed yard has a compacted ground surface which will require building up the surface to near track level. I've thought about card and/or some form of filler - Any thoughts welcome.



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Sadly, Delph/Holt has never progressed to the scenic stage, so I haven't got any practical advice. I covered the whole of the goods yard, other than the cobbled areas, with so called "ash" ballast as a first pass. Wasn't too bad, even if it was a bit uniform, but, the stuff I used has faded to a pale beige colour and now looks nothing like ash.

The best ground cover in a loco shed area I can recall was on the P4 layout Blackgill(?), set in the Consett area.

They've posted some stuff on here in the past and I'm fairly sure articles have appeared in S4News and/or MRJ, which might give some ideas for suitable methods. I wonder what John has done on Worceter?


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On Worseter I used a mix of sieved ash from our open fire and soot from the chimney.

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You could do worse than look at the ground cover on Steve Fay's Cardiff Canton, or Ranelagh  Bridge.

O gauge, but some of the effects were  excellent.

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Yes, Jeff, I'd forgotten Steve's work. Absolutely superb, as you say.


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