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Welcome to my blog



Hi - and welcome!


I've been interested in the GWR since my parents brought me a Hornby pannier with a few trucks and an oval of track over 40 years ago.


My Dad and I tried to make a ratio 4 wheel brake coach in the 1980s but it never got finished.


In the 1990s, I started to try Cooper Craft and Cambrian wagon kits. I then moved onto Parkside and other manufacturers whose kits are sadly no longer available. My first try a kit bashing was to convert Ratio Iron Mink and MOGO into an Iron Mink with replacement wooden doors and a plywood MOGO.


As I've got older, I have got more interested in the history and correct operation of trains. I am more interested in the goods side of things as there is more variation there.


In real life, I work on the railway, so I am also interested in modern day operations - but I have never been tempted to model today's railway.


Why 1948? For many years I planned stock for late 1947 as it was still GWR. I have now slipped it a few months to get more livery variations. 


What's planned? I've got a few rolling stock projects on the go, three different SIPHONs, BANANA Van's and an ancient OPEN C but I will be starting with a humble container.



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