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More RTR running in

Captain Kernow



Whilst I am waiting for the weathering paint on the 74XX chassis to harden off, together with the matt varnish on the loco body, I've set up my circle of Lima track again, to run a few RTR offerings in.


Yesterday I gave a Hornby W4 Peckett (PoLA blue livery) and a Model Rail Sentinel (WD livery) a good few hours stretch each. Both are destined to be 'military' locos on 'Bethesda Sidings', making occasional trips down the light railway to Bethesda yard. New nameplates were obtained from Narrow Planet some time ago.


Currently on the circuit is this B2 Peckett (sorry for poor focus):





I'm not sure what to do with this one. I had originally planned to keep it as an OO model and run it on both 'Bethesda Sidings' and 'Bleakhouse Road', but I have a feeling that the flanges on the B2 are (for some reason) very slighly larger than on the W4. The reason for saying this, is that the W4s all run very happily through my 'OO-SF' A5 crossover on 'Bethesda Sidings', whereas the B2 doesn't seem to like it as much and I get flanges impacting on the chaired track.


If I'm right about this (I haven't measured the flanges as yet or compared them in close up), then it's likely that the B2 will have to be converted to P4 and used on 'Callow Lane' as an NCB loco. Whether that involves waiting for a replacement chassis kit or perhaps scratchbuilding a chassis, I don't know either, although quite possibly the former, given that converting it to P4 isn't very high on the priority list (pity, as it runs rather sweetly on the Lima circle of track).


Next up after the B2 will be a Hornby 'Terrier', on which I suspect the slightly larger flanges are also present. This one didn't run quite as sweetly as the B2, so if running in doesn't improve it, a replacement chassis might be the order of the day.


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I'm sure I"m teaching you to suck eggs, CK, but you do run it in in both directions and facing both ways (i.e. four separate configurations), don't you?

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