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Scrap Tank - more bodywork and boiler




Due to a lack of forethought, I found that I hadn't made a large enough hole in the cab rear to accommodate the motor mount. I couldn't get in there with a file so I resorted to a burr in the minidrill to carefully remove the metal. Below you see the body in place on the chassis. If I were to use a similar motor mount in future, I would ensure that it was entirely in the bunker! You can't see it here, but I've also filed down the chassis block so that the body sits at the right height. Thanks to the footplate having a PCB layer underneath, the body is insulated from the side frames.



The next job was to prepare the boiler and smokebox. These are made from brass tube, of diameters 8.73mm (11/32") and 9.5mm respectively. These two sizes are nicely telescopic, and a close enough match to the real thing for me. I first cut a length for the boiler, then used the piercing saw to remove the part that would otherwise interfere with the gears and motor. Incidentally, for cutting the tube to length I used the lathe, as I find it easier to get the end square compared filing/sanding after a saw cut. When cutting the smokebox it was a simple matter to cut a representation of the smaller diameter band at the inner end. The smokebox was slit across the bottom, and the previously prepared nickel silver front used to mark where to make the bends.



The reverse curve in the smokebox "skirt" was bent using pliers, then it was soldered on to the boiler. The next photo shows my set up for doing this. Since I've never got around to making a proper wooden right-angle for this kind of job, I just rigged one up using a clothes peg that was sitting nearby. I found it useful to attach a piece of tufnol to the boiler with masking tape, so as to be able to hold and position it by hand and also to see more easily whether the smokebox was orientated correctly. The smokebox front was attached last, flat on the bench against the clothes peg. This photo shows it before cleaning up.



Here's the boiler after cleaning up and shaping with emery sticks. (I left the smokebox front a little oversize originally to give me some wiggle-room):




Finally for today, I soldered on the tank tops. I'm not attaching the boiler yet as it needs to be drilled for furniture and handrails, and I also need to sort out the body fixing hole and screw at the front.






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