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Very close...





Except for the additions in the previous post, which will be done once this is fixed, this is almost ready to go into place now. The awful seam down the end is covered, not an ideal but it does add a bit of interest to a blank wall, doors and shutters are now in place, the loading platform was build from several layers of card before gluing scrap textures onto it. All the roofing and tiles are done, along with some leading work.

Barge boards are on now, some bits of glue and weathering to do, and a couple of seams to hide, but I’m mostly done here. Time to move further on....



Thanks for looking.



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Nicely done, especially covering up the seam in the middle of the gable end.  I can't remember if the original design had another hoist to hide that join up, but if Metcalfe release a new brewery kit I'm certain they will avoid such joins in the middle of a building facade!

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Normally when you zoom in on an image of a model things start to get a bit ‘woolly’. What I love about this layout is that when you zoom in things still look as realistic as ever. Great work indeed!

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Thank you both, I’m afraid the seam is my fault, it should have a hoist, and could have been avoided in my bashing. I took an easy way out in it!


Thanks again.

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