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A quick progress report.

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Been busy today with my temperamental 3d printer producing a small chippy and some signage.

The Swan Centre now has a chip bunker, opened by "In Cod We Trust", Gornal's favourite chippy who advertise on Bescot Television so clearly have made enough from their Faggots and Pays Tuesdays and Orange Chip Friday events to expand.  "In Cod we Trust" is at one end of the shopping precinct and is a kit I printed off, including an interior although you'll only see it if I fit lighting, and was designed slightly underscale so as not to dwarf the HO-ish other shops.  It isn't stuck down whilst I ponder lighting arrangements. I've also put some security fencing around Shaw Taylor House. Not sure when Houses of Plod began to be turned into high security dungeons, I assume sometime in the mid 1970s when Irish terrorism was prevalent, so it might be a little severe for the late 60s and early 70s but as it helps tidy up the area between the Government buildings and the rear of the House of Plod, I'll run with it. New Government Buildings have their sign and a Royal Cypher added, marking it out as Crown estate, which is a bit big but was some police or government button so looks good.  The high rise will now have some decorative panels added (ear rings) which are en route from Thailand. They may be some time. Shaw Taylor House has had the roof remodelled, and new signage added. Actually, for remodelled, read turned upside down and a spare lift tower module added as a plant room on the top.


I've also had a rethink about the area behind the track where OVNR, Euneda House and the two prefabs are. When I installed the chav's estate it became clear that the road led to nowhere. Then I had a brainwave - what about a closed level crossing, which was replaced by a footbridge? So, the road alongside the estate will continue on the other side but be fenced off as if a level crossing was closed, but a footbridge put in it's place. I can then put the footbridge and Euneda House in some grass desert landscaping with the road leading to possibly a new turning circle for the bus next to the footbridge, with the prefabs side on to the trains with back gardens, but opening onto a footpath, with the industrial unit opposite the carpark, side on to the prefab back garden, still providing a visual break. OK, the track is now a scale two foot lower than the road level, so it would either have been one very bumpy level crossing or, I suspect, the levels have been altered during redevelopment but it makes some sort of sense. I'll probably not have Euneda House at an angle, I think it looks a bit daft, and I'll move it closer to the road away from the retaining wall. But, it's getting there.


So tomorrow I'll be doing the new Wills platforms to replace the ropey 3d prints, all ready to start track laying in the next few days.


3d printed chip bunker, a sort of beer bunker (flat roofed pub) but for chips.  Why I went to all the trouble of printing the interior will be for ever a mystery given it is one end of a shopping centre.




Oh well, I know the interior is in there...




...and temporarily in place in the precinct, which has now been branded and has the turd in the plaza in place.




View down the precinct from the top deck of a passing Midland Red D9.  There will be a wall at the end of the precinct and signs for the shops on the left, expect some painful puns.  It also needs people and street lighting.




Revised thinking for the area behind the track, Euneda House won't be at that angle and the paving strips roughly mark out where the road would have continued from the level crossing.  I'm hoping to squeeze in a bus turning circle between the footbridge and Euneda House ready for a Rapido Daimler Fleetline later in the year.  Yum...




The remaining prefabs which haven't been replaced by new flats yet.  I can now fit them in side on to the track which will be better from a noise perspective for the residents, but they will have small gardens and will open out onto a pavement with short grassed areas in front.  OVNR is behind the prefabs forming one side of a virtual scenic break with the car park.  It works surprisingly well.20200519_200016.jpg.42ab55b731871a5f2e57581cdbc17aef.jpg


Shaw Taylor House, with a revised roof plus signage, and new security barriers and fencing.




The security fence separating the entrance to New Government Buildings from the police compound.  Fence and barriers were off the Bay of Tat, 3d printed but saved me a load of grief with my temperamental printer.




New Government Buildings, signage and planting.  The EiiR totem is a tunic button, a bit larger than I would have liked but being domed and stainless steel, does have a certain 60s vibe to it.  As you can see, I tried it first on the high rise but it looked odd, so some cheap Taiwanese ear rings will be installed as wall murals on the building.  Very arty, Wednesford...




Exercise yard for any scroates in the cells, police dogs or smoko for the nicotine addicts.  At least the landscaping will provide leg-cocking relief for the K9 patrols.




"Drone" view of Shaw Taylor House.  Adding fencing and a barrier, even if not strictly correct for the late 60s, does tidy up the rather ragged appearance of the area and sort of makes more sense overall.




"Drone" shot of New Government Buildings and the cheap Crown Estate landscaping scheme.

I still need to think about street lights and people but now want to crack on with the new platform sections, and track laying.  I can return to the remaining scenics afterwards, including thinking out how to illuminate the layout so my niece will be impressed when she sees it.  I'm under instruction from Princess Alice to put lights up and have people.

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