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Expansion at the warehouse




Turning the corner at the end after some extensions to the warehouse. Now a single chimney stack in the corner to hide it, corner covers on the brickwork, and a small section of roof to join the others and make it look one building. Then I spent some time looking at the short end and used the second warehouse leftovers to make a 2.5D back scene. It’s the same windows as the rest, just a piece of black card behind to make it look the same, stands about 5mm proud of the backscene. It will have capping stones and a door to bring it in with the rest. The A frame took a beating this week, looks like it got knocked on the floor and then stood on, whatever happened it was in several small pieces. Got it back together but the air was blue. Soon be on to the small stuff!


Thanks for looking.

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Looking back at your blog entry on Sat 23/05, the difference between the last photo and today's is like chalk and cheese!  The new backscene building really ties together the cutdown goods shed and the mill building at the rear.  Am I right that you are applying the same corner coverings to the mill building as to the brewery buildings further along?


Looking again, I realise that it is the end of the warehouse - just a suggestion, but is there room to project the middle section (what would have been the gable end) by the depth of the returns?  Bend back along the original fold line (shown - badly - in orange on my doctored photo) then forward again (green) to get the side wings flat along the backscene again?  It might project 1cm, and shorten your building by 2cm overall, but would give a touch more relief.


Photo attached, sorry for the asterisks - can't find a degrees symbol on an iPad keyboard!!


(Edited to add photo, and to remove the words idiotically replaced for totally irrelevant substitutes by the moronic predictive text feature!)




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Thanks Steve, that’s a great idea. You’re right on the corners, I added them to the original warehouse yesterday, so they will tie in nicely here. It’ll continue the pattern of the right hand side a lot better as well. That’s tomorrow night sorted!


Thanks again,



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