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Bachmann Patriot 45504 Royal Signals




I have now completed my second Patriot conversion to P4. This loco belongs to a friend who asked me to do the conversion for him. The decoder arrived this morning, now fitted for it's first run on DCC.


Here is the youtube video link.


45504 Royal Signals passing Bristol Barrow Road Shed



4 Jubilees and 2 Patriots outside the roundhouse.



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Yet another lovely running loco by conversion from an R_T_R base. Mmm, I really wonder why I'm bothering with kit construction when they invariably run worse than your conversions. It's the joy of overcoming the challenges, I suppose, but it does make one wonder.


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I used to like loco kit construction - I must have done 40/50 over the years - but with the vast improvement in RTR models in the past 15 years I have chosen to convert to P4 and add detail, life's too short. Providing track is laid well P4 converted models will run well without the need to introduce compensation as do 2 axle wagons. If you want a large layout with a lot of stock it's the way to go.

That said I really like your kit built locos and your latest Black 5 is in a class of it's own. Keep up the good work.



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