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A CR 670 Class part 4

Dave John


The engine body is not far off complete. A close photo shows areas that need some cleaning up. The gap between the rear of the boiler and the cab needs to be filled, the cab is square to the footplate so I’m not sure how that bit of drift happened.


As you see there are a lot of holes, but I have the pipework bent to shape ready to go on post painting.





The frames are ready to go. The cylinders have been moved out slightly and solid brass cross pieces and cylinder insides used. I use gibson wheels and the critical thing here is to get the driven axle right first time. Once that is in place I can address the slide bars. In order to do that I want to have the gearbox fully assembled and tested, so a slight delay until that is ready.




So, slowly getting there.


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That curvy footplate (as we call it on the GWR) is pure style. What kind of workbench do you have Dave, I seem to remember that you live in a flat too. 

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It's a hefty steel bench I rescued from a skip 35 years ago Mikkel. Looks huge, but it all unbolts if needed and I fitted it with castors so I can move it about. The drawers are also on castors. 


When soldering I use a bit of wood, usually an old bit of faced conti. 







These old Victorian tenement flats are generously laid out compared to modern flats and have high ceilings, in my case just shy of 12 foot. Mind you makes decorating a big job and they can run a bit chilly in winter. 

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Ah, the Kelvinbank laboratory! I like the look of that. Compact and sturdy.  And a Shapeways box on the shelf...  

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