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Absent Without Leave!






Finally back to thinking about the railway. Anyone having read my previous blog entries will see that it's been a long time since my last blog entry. Had to sort a few medical issues but that's all behind me now and thankfully nothing to do with c19.


As I've been recovering I thought I would have a go at one of Metcalf’s excellent card kits, although I would point out that I see these as temporary models which look great until my planned buildings come along when I have the time. I chose the workers Cottage as it closely resembles some workers cottages I have planned behind the station area.




View of the ground floor with curtains and walls in place.


I decided to add an interior, not fully detailed but at least enough to look good when the building is illuminated with LED lighting, I didn’t like the idea of peering into a cardboard shell.




The wall graphics in PowerPoint.


I prepared internal walls in card and interior wallpaper and furniture as you can see, I did this in PowerPoint mainly but also some use of CorelDraw. In a way I’m not sure I should have taken so long over it as it is almost impossible to see it from the distance that this will be viewed – about 1m. Still, this was also a bit of a learning exercise for future work.








And the first floor showing the wires for the LED's attached to the roof. All led's are pre-wired micro type in warm white from an online auction site!


IMG_20200608_170540 (2).jpg


External doors were covered with a new image from the internet and all roof and wall edges had the mortar lines added using a 0.2mm fibre tip pen. The corner joints were disguised by photocopying the original walls before construction, cutting a vertical slice from the corner stone design and then pasting this over the join using rocket card glue.


IMG_20200608_170600 (2).jpg


IMG_20200609_073334 (2).jpg


Each room light can be turned on independently, I used a Rk Education RKswitch1 Toggle Switch Module bought as a kit which you just solder together. If you're new to electronics I highly recommend this kind of kit, I also use a lot from Kitronik, great kits with clear instructions and the website has great resources - see "Learning" under the resources tab and start with understanding electronics. N.B. Lights are softer than they appear in this photograph.


RKswitch1 Toggle Switch Module


The model is mounted on a piece of 9mm ply so that it can be removed from the layout for maintenance. 

I have started a tidy up in the garage/railway room which is also a reorganisation as I’m desperate for space. When the layout is mainly complete I intend to add roll out storage boxes below that will give me all the capacity I need but until then I’m a bit crowded.

As soon as this work is complete I will commence track laying again and then I hope to show a short clip of my first loco running.






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Sadly medical stuff has reared its head again, back inside with constant visits to hospital. If there is one thing I've learned its not to put off building your layout! Anyway my layout is probably on hold for another year. My apologies to those who have liked and followed the story so far.


Cheers for now.

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