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Electricity substation (Busch)



I built this model substation a few years ago. The kit is interesting to me in that it is made entirely from laser-cut parts - in particular, MDF for the structure, and paper for the wrap. This technology seems an economical way to make a pre-coloured kit just as good as a plastic one, and suitable for small production runs where tooling for injection-moulding is not viable:



Assembly is straightforward, and the kit makes up into a sturdy model. Details like the door handle are etched and appear a bit flat in my photos, but the model looks fine from normal viewing distances. Arguably, the matt finish of the parts is more realistic than unpainted plastic. The only downside I can imagine is, any moisture will spoil the model. I do not know of the prototype but I think it will look at home on my British H0 layout.


The kit is Busch part number 1570 and they call it a "Transformer Station", for H0 scale.

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Very neatly built. I had to look twice - nay, thrice - to see that it was lasercut/MDF. 


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